Asian stereotype of Americans being terrible with chopsticks goes highly unnoticed

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Racial Stereotypes?
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The typical no-look driving approach used by most of the Asian persuasion

San Francisco,CA

Recent emergence of a deep seeded unbeknownst stereotype goes public Thursday by the Asian community.  In the past decades the racial stereotyping between Americans and Asians has been a one sided battle due to the basic fact that Asian’s continuous struggle to change lanes, merge, and inability to recognize the DO NOT ENTER signs while operating motorized vehicles on a daily basis leaves their rich heritage based on honor, knowledge, and integrity, under attack due to their atrocious driving skills.  The Asian community came out late Thursday evening with an official press release stating their highly unobserved stereotype of Americans being terrible with chopsticks.

The Cucumber Times caught up with Chan Lee owner of Tokyo Teriyaki  about the recent press release who commented “American no good at pick thing up with chopstick!” hackling loudly “He all like ‘how do I pick rice with wooden stick!’ make all of staff laugh!”.  News of the timidly shocking press release spread rapidly through China Towns across the United States like an Asian flying through a school zone.  When we approached business man Stan Labowski on the streets ofSan Franciscoabout what his thoughts were on the recent events he had this to say “Seriously? They’re trying to get us for using chopsticks incorrectly, how about using a god damn turn signal every once and awhile”.  Although the tremendous effort to shift the stereotyping balance by the Asian community most Americans actually agreed, with the common response being “yeah that’s actually pretty true” and “that’s why we invented forks” not exactly the desired impact of the official press release Thursday evening, leaving most Americans simply not bothered the least bit.

Jonathan Cooper

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