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This very light switch is the caused Viagra to fall on.....hard......times

Duke Savage

Intercourse, AL (it’s a real place trust me!)

Earlier this morning, The Cucumber Periodicals received an email from one of our loyal readers containing the above shown image and the shocking news that pharmaceutical power house and house wive favorite, Viagra, is being sued for their overly aggressive new ad campaign. Previous campaigns for this and many other companies specializing in erectile dysfunction medications have been known to make vulgar references to the male genitalia during moments of frustratingly difficult intimate relations. Thankfully, this attempt to blend “street art” with their important and simple message resulted in the mental anguish of only one tender mind. “I was the first to use the lady’s room at work this morning and so naturally, I had to turn on the lights” said Mona Lipizzaner. Ms. Lipizzaner is the Manager at the Victoria’s Secret in Intercourse’s mall. Why would Viagra target this market? That is a fantastic question and one that we may never know. When I approached Viagra’s CEO Ike Goldshlitz, he promptly brushed me off and continued to his new Bentley coupe followed by his wife and her large number of Victoria’s Secret bags. Whether this was an intended advertising strategy, a desperate form of revenge by an unsatisfied wife or a daring young artist who shares a name with a mega corporation, it was a HARD choice to make and it was sure to scare Ms. Lipizzaner STIFF.