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The Hole where Jack almost met his maker

Blake Coldwater – Special Field Reporter

Eagle Point, OR

Last Thursday afternoon daycare owner Jack Barry was rushed to the ICU after a golf ball was sliced into the 6th fairway at Bunny Pines Golf Course. His friends and family are distraught and perplexed as to why nobody yelled “Fore” to warn Jack about the incoming Titlist ball that would change his life forever. Rhonda Barry (Jacks wife) had this to say in her interview Tuesday, “I just can’t understand why nobody said anything. I always thought golfing was a safe sport.” Rhonda is even more upset that she can’t even get the man to apologize, “A simple sorry would be nice”  Abott (the monk who needs to work on his swing) declined to comment on Rhonda’s outrage. Bunny Pines owner Dan Goldberg said “We’re sick and tired of these monks coming down here and never calling for a tee time, they just show up and expect to play. Now that we know they are not even following course rules they are no longer welcome”. Rhonda and Jack outraged by the lack of communication from the monks are now in the midst of filing a lawsuit regarding the absent Fore call. The prosecution believes they have a solid case against the clumsy golfer, but Jack’s memory loss and the silent monk are not helping to expedite the process. Jack’s lawyer has attempted to call the Monk numerous times but has heard nothing but breathing on the other line. The Monk who is facing incredible legal pressure still declines to comment.

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Rhonda was shocked to find out the golf is actually not a sport. Its simply just an activity for people with big butts.