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Not only is this the epitome of a run on sentence but a great example of the necessity for commas, colons, periods or ANYTHING!

Duke Savage

Bald Knob, AK

English teachers around the nation are outraged at the way that Americans are avoiding punctuation marks completely The use of commas periods semicolons etc have slowly been making their way out of the English language making everything very hard to understand The most notable and borderline politically incorrect lack of punctuation is associated with street signs For example the street sign SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING can be read one of two ways The first and way it was intended to be interpreted is warning passers by to slow down there are children playing in the streets However without the use of punctuation a casual observer could think that this sign is implying that the children playing in this area are a few tacos short of a combination plate if you catch my drift The simple addition of a comma after slow would greatly clear the air and eradicate the confusion that faces many American drivers I am dumbfounded at the way the English language has become one long run-on sentence said Janice Chapman a 10th grade English teacher at Bald Knob High School Todays youth refuse to use correct grammar and only understand readings that are formatted as a text message with lols and where the only punctuation marks are used to express different smiley faces ITS MADNESS Personally this reporter couldnt agree more Ms Chapman If you will notice this entire article has been written without the use of any punctuation and has therefore caused me to kick my cat take the Lords name in vain 45 times and called a customer service hotline just so I could yell at someone To avoid such terrible anguish I suggest we throw in our copies of School House Rock put in on repeat and rekindle our relationship with these formidable writing utensils